I’ve decided to start a blog! I’m not exactly a great writer, but I love talking about editing, gear and everything related to photography and especially pet photography. Although I’m constantly learning myself, I’d love to start sharing the knowledge and experience I have with other fellow photographers. I hope my followers, who are not photographers themselves, find reading about how I work and what happens “behind the scenes” interesting too!

Firsts things first. I should probably start by telling a bit about myself. I picked up photography when I was a teenager and as many other photographers out there, I only had a basic camera and very little knowledge. Over the years, I was teaching myself about composition, gear, editing… I gradually upgraded my camera equipment as well and… here we are!

In 2013, I moved from Poland to Scotland, mainly to study IT and I eventually got a job in that sector. While I love my job, I’ve always wanted to start a pet photography business and I now the time has finally come.

As you may know, I have two border collies – Altis and Luna. They are my main models and faithful hiking companions. I also have a cat – Diesel – who is a bit camera shy – a typical cat!

I love hiking and exploring the world. Altis and Luna always join me in my adventures and we sometimes even camp together in the wilderness of Scotland. I always say that Scotland is a photographer’s paradise (when it’s not raining…), so I do a bit of landscape and aerial photography as well. I think hiking and photography are just a perfect mix!

I’m also an avid biker. I’ve been riding for over 5 years now. I started on a small Suzuki cruiser, then moved to a bigger Yamaha Dragstar. Eventually, I ended up on an adventure bike and started doing longer trips and even a bit of off-roading! My dream is to do a multi day trip across Europe and maybe even other continents too.

On rainy days, I enjoy playing video games.

I’d love to hear about your hobbies and more importantly: what kind of content you would like to see the most? I want to focus mainly on editing and photography tips as well as short gear reviews, but let me know what other topics would you like me to cover.