What if the weather is bad?

I check the forecast the day before and a couple of hours before the session. If there's a small change of light rain, we can still go ahead. In case of heavy rain, we will move the session to another date (no additional charges).

What if my dog has to stay on a lead?

That's not a problem at all, after all your dog's safety is number one priority. If your dog has to stay on a lead, I suggest using a thinner lead and collar that can be easily removed when I edit the photos.

My dog gets excited during walks, what do I do?

If your dogs gets excited easily I suggest to go for a walk before the session to help your dog calm down. I would avoid strenuous exercise just before the session though to avoid heavy panting.

My dog can't sit still and/or doesn't know any tricks.

That's not a problem at all. I can take more candid photos while your dogs is exploring the surroundings. However, I suggest to try and teach your dog to sit or lay down before the session using positive training methods. Most dogs love to learn new things so it will be fun for both of you!

What should I take with me?

Take your dog's favourite toy and treats - they will be handy to get your dog's attention. I also suggest taking water for your dog and a small towel in case we need to get rid of that excess mud! Most of my sessions are in parks and forests, so recommend wearing a causal and comfortable outfit unless you would like to be in the photos as well.

My dog is nervous/reactive, can I still book a session?

It is vital that you let me know if your dog is reactive or nervous and what are their triggers, so we can plan ahead and choose the best location. Please note, that because most sessions take place in public parks, it is your responsibility to make sure your dog and other dogs and people in the park are safe.

Do you photograph other pets?

Yes! I have experience working with horses, cats as well as more exotic pets such as parrots and reptiles.

What's the best time for a session?

I work with natural light only and I tend to arrange sessions during so called "golden hour". The golden hour is the period period shortly after sunrise or before sunset. Overcast weather is preferred. However, that doesn't mean we are limited to this time of the day. Have a look at my gallery - there are plenty of pictures I took during the day and even in the harsh sunlight.